The function of TTB is to be a beacon for a People lost at sea.  A common tool set to fixate upon to keep you keen to your ability to respond to that which matters.  Tooltreebot is not a First-Aid kit here just to throw a band-aid on your “situation”.  Neither exists within, any desire to be a preacher to the choir.  Instead within this forum Truth is the only host – the only way.  Step by step, intersection by intersection x marks the spot – the place where all paths meet.

Practicap Radio

Practicap interviews Ambassador David Williams:

  • WHO -Anyone who is determined to mind their own control for the purpose of stewardship of this earth.
  • WHAT – *OPPORTUNITY* This opportunity is just as much for us an opportunity as it is for you.
  • WHEN –  Every Wednesday go be a radical human directional.  Every day plant a seed that will bare good fruit in time, whether a physical, mental, or spiritual seed just so long as you KNOW it will benefit you and those around you – Pay it forward….remember?
  • WHERE – Look in the mirror – x marks the spot. Our home is Phoenix, AZ on the 33rd parallel. Where are you?  Wherever YOU are, you have the right to establish your own status and sequentially the same right to let someone else do it for you. *We choose the prior to the latter.


Said Opportunity is as follows;

  • To Know Thyself
  • To be connected with your food source
  • To be connected with your energy source
  • To be connected to your Creator, however you perceive that to be
  • Liberation
  • Honor


This is a preemptive approach. The idea is to start documenting projects within communities starting with our own project. This project will demonstrate as it manifests, the processions of direction the Individual has to enact to achieve said ‘opportunity’.

Pick whatever path:

    1. Volunteerism…yes even constructive criticism (I do know I can use all the help I can get)
    2. Donations/ pick a project
    3. Join a group
    4. Make a Sign, make a playlist, pick an intersection one day a week on Wednesday to make a lasting impression. You will be the one Human sign out there without your finger up your nose.
    5. Make your own website
    6. Turn off the programming, expose that which contradicts your peace of mind and then develop your own way.(Stop drop and roll)
    7. Say “bless you” when someone sneezes
    8. Get logical fallacies under your belt

A tool for you brave human signs out there to really make a lasting impression:

Vacant Radio Channel locater

FM Transmitter for human signs!



Steve Mann’s blog

Intelligent Image Processing pdf

Wearable Computing by Steve Mann

“My Augmented Life”

Steve Mann personal page

Steve Mann


Check out the Towergarden.  So far this is the best garden system for beginners because it satifies instant gratifacation, it’s nice to look at and produces a massive amount of food.  This is not aquaponics, but a sure fire way to get your foot in the door concerning food independance.  Your family and friends will want to participate.




                              Additionally, we are also affiliated with and by clicking on the image below you can get started with Aquaponics via: Gardenpool’s Shelfponics Kit 

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