Where is Blue Katsina? How about look within.


The Hopi have a name for the white man I have heard, “Bahana”. Which equates pretty much to “bad banana” I suppose.  They have another name although for their long lost white brother, “Pahana”.  I am asking you to entertain this thought so it sinks in a bite – that Pahana is within you. No matter how bad of a banana one has been there is always a new day to choose to about-face and embrace.

Religion – Latin root; religare – ‘to tie, to fasten, to bind’

What are you binded to, what is holding you back? If you snipped those cords would you go gooey? Maybe go to hell in handbasket? Getting warm?

Why not bind your gut to your spine when so sparked it’s fired like serpentine. No not the serpent of old, use discernment – that’s much too cold

Literally, my approach is to spark a viral meme of anonymous individuals that make a sign – like a sign someone might make for a protest. A simple cheap and feasible sign that they then go pick any intersection in their city and wave,spin, hold in place so that people driving home every Wednesday(specifically) – they might see and remember the website that was on that sign.

Right now as we approach tax day – in my city there are human sign spinners getting paid $7 hourly dressed up in lady liberty costumes on every street corner. These are whom to compete with. The transmitter is just another tool to make a lasting impression for someone driving home who actually tunes into the FM station that said sign spinner displays. It’s up to whomever has the inclination to choose what music to do their little katsina dance to.
-Commercials,billboards – they are impressions designed to promote the programming of this world.
It takes guts for an individual to play the fools card, make themselves THE impression and offer an earthly talisman that is out of this world rather than that greenback talisman called money.
It is often said that the general public will never self-govern as seen from history looking back.   An argument which is hard to find to the contrary – in and of this world. Not until one does the about-face, embracing Creations providence only, can one see different.
Just as flash mob came into being, but with strategy and an anti-Disneyworld attitude.
 My father would say what his father would say, “It’s a pipe dream son”.
I will never say this to my offspring – and this is the paradigm shift that up to now, EGO could only see as walking off a cliff.
I just need help before I jump to make sure I do it right.

Picture illustrated by Steven Cosgrove, -Serendipity- The best children books in the world!

Picture illustrated by Steven Cosgrove,
The best children books in the world!

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