3rd Wave Classroom Experiment

I just looked into the 3rd Wave classroom experiment.  I would like to point out that His-story and it’s ability to repeat itself is a reality that I would argue a great % of the general public have “logically” under their belt.
Even though all of the tactics employed by that teacher are appealing to the “heard” today I would argue that it is because they have this understanding under their belt but still believe they are free that Fascism and all the other “isms” flourish today and are repeating perpetually on a global scale like no other time in His-story.

Symphony of Destruction vs Symphony of Construction

  • In one man’s world he listens to bloodhound gang’s song, “burn motherfucker” and pushes the button that steals the potential of countless lives
  • In another man’s world he listens to the same song(not that anyone one would listen to Bloodhound gang during this process) and burns the remains, collects the ashes, amends the soil and plants a tree

Both scenarios have and continue to occur but which one is Everlasting? 

Alternative view to the holocaust – again ignorance is no excuse – take note do your own due diligence:

The greatest story never told



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