House of Cards – no not Netflix

 “I am a slave” – I have always been – there has never been so called “Constitutional Rights” concerning the status of the American citizen specifically.
The only right I or anyone has ever had is the international right of self determination. The ‘People’ in ‘We the People’ was NEVER the general public.
 The conflict of interests pertains specifically to those whom “believe” that they are the People, that They have ownership and Their vote counts – or – counted at one point in time but has since been systematically deteriorated by an elite group of individuals over the last couple hundred years.
*Key word being – Believe – within each new layer of knowledge I peel through this belief is what has deteriorated.
The patriot movement – The sovereign citizen movement – these slaves ARE domestic terrorists.
Of these groups are the individuals whom usurp and squat on their masters property and bite the hand that feeds them.
They have not done their due diligence neither can be found honor in them. I have witnessed nothing but logical fallacies rotting their minds and gnashing their teeth whenever confronted with data which corrupts their delicate house of cards.
That being said I am doing what it takes to become free – something I have yet to experience in my life.  I choose to be a slave and am striving to become free.
I have no evidence left which leads me to think freedom is, has or will…slip away from me. There is nothing in which I own when everything can be seized.
I have also experienced a great deal of difficulty concerning having guests come on my show the reason being yet again – conflict of interest.
Due to the fact that most people have no knowledge of what a logical fallacy even is – I find myself continually being pushed to ask softball questions as to not bruise their ego.
So I have decided to let you decide.
My show would be that of demonstrable actions in gaining freedom, honor and stewardship. I would constantly push the classical education method of the Trivium and Quadrivium, critical thinking and self analysis. There would be very little news reporting aside from my own and others works toward freedom.

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