Resistance is futile

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”   

Albert Einstein

Depiction: The age old evolutionary monkey to man scale where present day man turns back to his predecessors to tell them all to go back……”we f*#*ed up”

Ironically, this depiction is a precise demonstration of the Archaic Revival psyop which began with the psychedelic movement and still continues today.
Embedded within the creation of the deadhead meme the collective conscience kernel was planted. Due to the many layers of rhetoric built which has shackled the minds of millions with such sophistry an equally formidable tactic must be enacted to succeed in birthing the individual and an her/his
relationship with Creation……if deemed so worthy.  I myself just yesterday spoke out towards how I can learn from my child as if some deeply embedded maxim spoke out me – which even though there is much to learn by observing all people and things around me it scares the crap out of me the regressive nature of that mentality.

Jan Irvin, “At the end of the clip his wife Szou, who seems to be a victim of mind control, cites Vito’s belief that people learn from those younger than themselves and that she has learned from her child, obviously a culturally destructive pattern of learning”.

It’s either back to the sticks we go with the new reality of re-education camps.  Or….we get it right now, unlearn the indoctrination and reform our mental wiring by our own choice,  peace settlement of disputes rendered and upheld – or continue to return to those forces whom have readied themselves to continue to do it for us.

Recent work from Jan Irvin,

Manufacturing the Deadhead

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