Did someone say, “Digital is not natural”?

Approach, approach, approach!

Digital derived from digit – finger. 1’s and 0’s are tangible and to say,  “Anything digital is unnatural” – is well, to safely say..ones own opinion.

To take some –Thing out it it’s natural habitat and transplant it – this is NOT a natural act?  So then wind carrying seeds from point (a) to point (b) is natural, but a man doing the same act is somehow not natural?

A certain someone also said, “Man is not natural” – again an opinion.  Maybe another will explain that the current man is a GMO version of his  natural ancestral lineage.  Continuing on about Mansanto,(Monsatan) is not a natural corporation?  Then what are we to conclude here?  This unnatural modified man created this monstrous abomination that is Monsanto – therefore the earth must be ‘cleansed’ by doing away with it.

Hmmm…an Archaic Rivival – a return to Eden – in who resist will perish –

So be it? So be it? Democide it is then!

What bunch of Sophists Rhetoric bologna!  No, No and No!

Analog and digital can merge – I could even formulate the argument that since all matter is energy then this has already happened – will continue to happen and will always happen.

Nature fallacy



DIGITAL”>Blacks Law – Digital

I would like to add this picture and quote from Harriet Tubman – I not only think it is relevant to this post but the entire TTB effort. Please join me in this conversation – leave a comment, ask a question – engage for the sake of the children.  What we do have in common is what we build upon.  We all have the duty and obligation to be as stewards in relation to this earth.

Never wound a snake; kill it.

(Harriet Tubman)

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