Sun dancing with the Matrix

The issue which is continuously missed is that of contracts.

Someone said the other day, that one should never sign a contract because it takes your rights away – I don’t agree with this.
If a people are subjected to tyranny it is tacitly their choice of subjection. If one man or group of people attains land on this earth and notifies the family of nations that they have done so, well this is how one can truly own their house.
At the time of the USC the founding fathers utilized this international law under the title – the right of exile – (which is now titled – the right of self determination) these 39 men composed the constitution for Each-other.
As a citizen you are nothing more than a tenant in their house. It is an assumption to believe that You as a citizen/federal/state are the owner of anything – the onus of proof falls on YOU if believe contrary. There is no slow deterioration of your Cons. rights because you never had them. Just as a child in his parents house has privileges/chores so do you as a US citizen.
If you are born a slave be a good one, if you choose to seek freedom then do so.. you have a tough road ahead of you but the fact that you have help along the way by the international community in their recognition of a peoples right to be so determined to do so is somehow missed time and time again..why?
It is missed because the general public still in mass numbers seek the womb in all aspects of societies. Stockholm’s syndrome abound.

  • This is what blinds man from becoming a man.
  • This is what blinds the slave from knowing he has given up his rights in exchange for security/womb.
  • This is why he bites the hand that feeds(protesting) and can only see how exterior entities have given him poison for food – blame game.
  • This is why he gets no respect from his masters.

*Lets look for examples pros and cons of this being demonstrated throughout history and we might start to finally expose THE VIRAL SOLUTION.

  • The problem is that it doesn’t sell.
  • The problem is its not attractive when the womb is all we know and seek.
  • The problem is, to Be or not to Be most choose not!

It may take one to need to be strapped down in a clockwork orange style setting to get through the Matrix trilogy but at the end you will find Neo coming to a peaceful settlement of dispute with the matrix – that is why the revolution is resolved instead of won – because both sides are of the same source and cannot do without each-other.
The dynamics of Adam and Eve – how’scropped-christ-and-grinch1.jpg that for collectivism?
Ever wonder why the Sun-dance needs to hurt so much?

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