You are in the garden, the curse is over – get the kingdom out of the closet!

With all this suffering going on in the “world” today it may come across insensitive to to say heaven on earth has arrived.
If it comes across as insensitive you may be a victim of NLP.
The word “world” has nothing to do with heaven. While most associate heaven with earth, do to the deeply imbedded words of the lords prayer.  Most also interchange world and earth especially in worldly realms i.e. political, social, educational ect. What else is there you may ask? Is the world not all around you and me? Yes the world is definitely out there and all around us but does the world define your reality? If the kingdom is within then why not let that define your reality?
Well intended individuals will be branded by most as “dreamers” and liken them to superman wannabes trying to save what? Save the world of course. If you’re branded a granola then it’s the earth’s salvation right? Humans be damned!
So for some the carrot at the end of this stick is the kingdom, others world peas.  If the kingdom is within why reach outwardly for it?
If the “Way of the world is death” why save it?
Might it be because so many spend their attention this way and that or nothin at all that what’s right within we tend to miss that call?

I look forward to the day we all can look in and pull out what we’ve hidden and become determined to begin.
To see its all right here, not after you’re dead is to see that all you need has already been given.

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