Understanding and practicing number…

Math – Something I am not too good at. I’m the guy whose brain freezes up every time I’m put on the spot to crunch some numbers in change.  Deeply embedded my lack of confidence due to lack of practice leaves me in the deer in the headlights – play dead mechanism, over and over again seeing senior citizens shake their heads in disappointment at what has become of the this once great nation.

So be it – those of the previous generations whom have given up on the new kids are not worth the stress. I have the opportunity to teach myself, ask dumb questions accept ridicule and one day surpass previous generations mental computation in way they never dreamed of.

So yeah, the infamous IQ can grow, I know growth itself is in all things has been systematically taken from the Individual by his laziness and lack of determination. The corporate PERSON is designed to seek the womb for this has served the agenda well, the American experiment – to quote Leonard Cohen, “The cradle of the best and of the worst”

So be it –

Here is something to bridge the gap, to amend the grounds for the Deadhead.

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