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You are in the garden, the curse is over – get the kingdom out of the closet!

With all this suffering going on in the “world” today it may come across insensitive to to say heaven on earth has arrived. If it comes across as insensitive you may be a victim of NLP. The word “world” has…

Sun dancing with the Matrix

The issue which is continuously missed is that of contracts. Someone said the other day, that one should never sign a contract because it takes your rights away – I don’t agree with this. If a people are subjected to…

Heaven on Earth and the Kingdom Within

  Grace is descending for the one who seeks separate and equal station among the nations.  When all his brother’s and sister’s only seek the greener grass of just another slave bound situation. International law – The Right of Self Determination. Not something to just disregard,…

Pump Up Tha Volume – Media Monarchy

Looking for music? I personally am fixating on episode #45 – Titled – While I’m Alive Aby Wolf – Brave Boy Pump Up Tha Volume

Where we get the inspiration

Our good brother DIZZY RIP: Streetpreacher Director Joe Scudiero, Pivotal Pictures: Anyone can dance on the street